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[school-discuss] [Fwd: K-12 Open Source panel discussion]

If anyone here is interested in helping, call Page immediately!

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Subject: 	K-12 Open Source panel discussion
Date: 	Tue, 03 May 2005 13:41:58 -0400
From: 	Page Gravely <pgravely@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: 	info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am hosting a panel discussion in LA on May 24th for EDU Software
companies about the implications of developing their EDU K-12
applications for Open Source platforms - I have a CIO of a K-12 school
district and Intel on the panel and wanted to ask your help in quickly
finding this week a 3rd panelist to participate.

If you have time to assist, could you contact me today at 703-434-0059
(East coast).

Thank you
Page Gravely
Global Education Solutions
Red Hat, Inc.