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[school-discuss] Re: Re: Linux in Government: Linux Desktops in the Enterprise with Microsoft Terminal Services | Linux Journal

on Wed, May 04, 2005 at 07:46:51AM -0700, Don Christensen (djc@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Karsten M. Self wrote:
> ...
> >It's got a couple of advantages over VNC, among them that you're not
> >bound to the remote host's physical screen geometry (VNC is), and if
> >you're doing repetitive tasks on a slew of systems, it's possible to
> >access the lot of them in a shell script or one-liner (with
> >appropriately named hosts, or a target hosts file), since rdesktop takes
> >password on the command line.   
> >
> >This is markedly faster than VNC, which
> >requires inputting user/pass to log on to each system.  Say you've
> >managed to sequentially name your hosts:
> ...
> With the VNC client (on Linux, at least; don't know about Windows), you
> can put the encrypted password into a file in the .vnc directory and
> then you don't have to supply it at run time, and it doesn't show up
> in PS listings.  It then is as secure as normal Unix file permissions
> can make it.
> See the man page for vncpasswd.

Hrm.  Just looked at it briefly, it doesn't make this crystal clear, but
it's something to look at.

Now if there was a really convenient wrapper for SSH tunneling.  On both
'Nix and 'Doze....


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