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[school-discuss] Re: Re: Linux in Government: Linux Desktops in the Enterprise with Microsoft Terminal Services | Linux Journal

on Wed, May 04, 2005 at 08:36:10AM -0600, cdmiller (cdmiller@xxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Karsten M. Self wrote:
> >  - MS Windows Terminal Server:  multiple remote sessions are allowed,
> >    which are independent of the local console session (more like a
> >    GNU/Linux X Terminal Server or VNC session server).  My
> >    understanding is that this requires specific licensing from
> >    Microsoft, specific products (vendors include MSFT, Citrix, and
> >    Tarantella (a/k/a "Old SCO").  To the best of my knowledge, rdesktop
> >    does _not_ work with WTS, though I've limited experience here --
> >    care to disabuse me?
> >
> Last time I tried rdesktop, it worked fine with the windows terminal 
> services, on a windows 2000 server.  

Slick!  Good info, I wasn't aware of this.

When I had access to WTS, I didn't have rdesktop, and when I had
rdesktop .... 

Got some ideas to try now though ;-)

> The real pain looked like managing local user accounts on the WTS
> server to provide users with their own windows desktops, (Novell
> environment), and of course extra licensing costs for WTS beyond 3
> users per server.

Ain't that the truth though.

I'd think the real pain would be legacy MS Windows, but ... 


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