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Re: [school-discuss] Re: Linux in Government: Linux Desktops in the Enterprise with Microsoft Terminal Services | Linux Journal

Karsten M. Self wrote:
  - MS Windows Terminal Server:  multiple remote sessions are allowed,
    which are independent of the local console session (more like a
    GNU/Linux X Terminal Server or VNC session server).  My
    understanding is that this requires specific licensing from
    Microsoft, specific products (vendors include MSFT, Citrix, and
    Tarantella (a/k/a "Old SCO").  To the best of my knowledge, rdesktop
    does _not_ work with WTS, though I've limited experience here --
    care to disabuse me?

Last time I tried rdesktop, it worked fine with the windows terminal services, on a windows 2000 server. I didn't get a chance to try more than 2 sessions at once but it appeared to be working correctly, (not taking over the console). I could log in on the console while rdesktop terminal server sessions was running, and see the sessions in the terminal services tool. One rdesktop client was running on a thinstation pxe booted workstation, everything ran much faster than on stand alone windows 2000 workstations, from boot up to shutdown. The real pain looked like managing local user accounts on the WTS server to provide users with their own windows desktops, (Novell environment), and of course extra licensing costs for WTS beyond 3 users per server.

- cameron