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Re: [school-discuss] Roadblocks . . . I think this will help

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 10:11 pm, Damir wrote:
> tom poe pravi:
> > Hi, Marilyn:  May I suggest you obtain a donated PIII low-end computer,
> PIII low-end??????????????
> Low-end is P1 MMX 166MHz for me! With 32 MB RAM!
> That's what I have in my classroom - 12 low-end PCs.
> End what to load on that????
> Damir

The folks on the debian edu have kicked a similar question around.  Older 
versions of debian can run on this if you don't have a faster computer to 
make this into a thin-client.


From the list:

Hello Jon,

Am 2005-05-18 15:55:36, schrieb Jon Post:

>> I'm helping some school and rehabilitation groups in Kyrgyzstan and need
>> a light (400MB< ) install with a GUI, a light word processor and a
>> spreadsheet program hopefully to use on 486's. Is this possible?
>> Suggestions?
>> Jon

I have the same problem with Iran and Afghanistan.

But first:
        Whats the speed of the CPU's and how much memory do you have?
        I recommend minimal for
                SLINK           486dx50      32 MByte
                POTATO          486dx75      64 MByte
                WOODY           486dx4/100   96 MByte
                SARGE           P1/166      128 MByte

I am using WOODY with fvwm and AbiWord. I do not know curenly the name,
but I had installed a lite Spreadsheet under X.

Forget to install SARGE on it.

And i suggest you to install POTATO onto your 486 because you will find
all required Packages already there.

For the Internet I am using Netscape Navigator 4.7 which is in non-free.
Mail is handled by "mutt" in a XTerm.

Please note, that it will work with 32 MByte of memory with 50 MByte
SWAP under POTATO. With WOODY you schould increase the Memory to
96 MByte because the XFree86 v4.1 will eat up your resources.

For your 486 you should install XFree86 v3.3