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Re: [school-discuss] Emulation via Windows

Hi Rob,
Thanks for posting about freeNX - have just tried this out and it's
brilliant! So much faster than VNC, and much easier to set up than
cygwin/X on windows clients. I've been looking for a way to provide
Linux desktops on our network without going over to a dual boot
solution, and I think I may well have found it now!
BTW, anyone like to suggest how many clients we could have running off a
1GB memory AMD64 machine? How much server memory would you recommend for
a 20 workstation suite?

Rob Rittenhouse wrote:

Look into nx as well: see www.nomachine.com and the freeNX project (http://freenx.berlios.de/ )

Feel free to query me further on this.

Miles Berry
Deputy Head
St Ives School Haslemere