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[school-discuss] OT: Knoxville, TN area?

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the off-topic post but I thought there was a chance someone here would have some insight for me:

Anybody know anything or have any experience with Knoxville, Tennessee? (Or surrounding areas)

We have a sudden pull toward Tennessee... and we're all the way in California. Can't explain it other than we feel Knoxville is the area for us. Not just my immediate family, either. My mom, my sister and her daughter, and my brother and his family want to do the same thing. None of us have jobs lined up or houses or property or anything... but we all came up with Eastern Tennessee. Weird.

Anyway, I'm trying to find information about the area, the humidity, the housing (ie what areas are good and what do we avoid), are there a lot of bugs, etc.

Thanks for any information!