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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Retraining initiative

Dear All,

Geoffrey Hulme kirjoitti 14.5.2005 kello 14:18:

I am interested in Teemu's letter from the point of view of Internet-
assisted learning in Sierra Leone (www.knowledgeaid.org). Have you
or anyone
else defined the syllabus of what is required to enter training as a
programmer ("enough mathematics, playying with programming
languages and
technologies")? If this were done, would it be possible to
commission free
learning materials to be available in poor developing countries to
that syllabus?

I am no mean an expert of teaching mathematics or programming. However, for building up the syllabus for educating "programmers" the open content study book of mathematics made in South Africa, could be useful. Have a look:


And number of following kind of manuals for operating open/free
platforms you can find from the web:


Best regards,

    - Teemu