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Re: [school-discuss] Authentication advice needed please

Hopefully I'm not stating the obvious, but 'winbind' is a chunk of
Samba technology that allows a *nix client to authenticate to
a Windows (or Samba!) server. If you set your terminal server up to
authenticate against your SME Samba server, then you will have
single-sign-on. Just google 'winbind' and you'll find plenty of

Alternatively, if you're willing to consider a different solution than
Samba by itself, you can look at configuring Samba to work with
OpenLDAP as its back-end. Then you configure your Windows clients to
authenticate to the Samba domain, and you configure your Linux clients
to authenticate to the LDAP directory. Single-sign-on attained!  There
are several how-tos out there and several commercial tools intended to
take the work out of doing this.  One option is the
"smbldap-installer" project that I've worked on; see
http://majen.net/smbldap/ if you're interested.


Peter Ruwoldt wrote:    [Tue May 02 2006, 06:14:07PM EDT]
> We are trying to work toward a more useful implementation of Linux 
> terminal services for us. We are having difficulty making the system so 
> that users do not have to have a special user account to login into a 
> terminal server.
> We use sme-server/ e-smith version 6.01 ( http://contribs.org/ 
> http://www.e-smith.com/ ) It uses samba 2.2.8a as a domain controller.
> We need a terminal client solution that will authenticate to our domain 
> controller using the samba server.
> This would ideally be edubuntu 6.06 (which is to be released in a couple 
> of weeks as we understand)
> Any clues , suggestions or solutions gratefully received.
> Peter
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