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Re: [school-discuss] Authentication advice needed please

Thanks for such a quick response Matt.

We have found a guide for authenticating edubuntu against active directory in windows 2000 server.

We are hoping that the process outlined in this guide will be 'easily' adaptable to authenticating edubuntu against samba on our sme server.

Does this look like we are on the right track? Any clues or hints?


Matt Oquist wrote:
Hopefully I'm not stating the obvious, but 'winbind' is a chunk of
Samba technology that allows a *nix client to authenticate to
a Windows (or Samba!) server. If you set your terminal server up to
authenticate against your SME Samba server, then you will have
single-sign-on. Just google 'winbind' and you'll find plenty of

Alternatively, if you're willing to consider a different solution than
Samba by itself, you can look at configuring Samba to work with
OpenLDAP as its back-end. Then you configure your Windows clients to
authenticate to the Samba domain, and you configure your Linux clients
to authenticate to the LDAP directory. Single-sign-on attained!  There
are several how-tos out there and several commercial tools intended to
take the work out of doing this.  One option is the
"smbldap-installer" project that I've worked on; see
http://majen.net/smbldap/ if you're interested.


Peter Ruwoldt wrote: [Tue May 02 2006, 06:14:07PM EDT]
We are trying to work toward a more useful implementation of Linux terminal services for us. We are having difficulty making the system so that users do not have to have a special user account to login into a terminal server.

We use sme-server/ e-smith version 6.01 ( http://contribs.org/ http://www.e-smith.com/ ) It uses samba 2.2.8a as a domain controller.

We need a terminal client solution that will authenticate to our domain controller using the samba server.

This would ideally be edubuntu 6.06 (which is to be released in a couple of weeks as we understand)

Any clues , suggestions or solutions gratefully received.


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