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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools 1.98 released!

Hi All,

Open Admin for Schools 1.98 is now available at:


It includes the following new features:

Transcripts are now available on the report card page. They will store information for multi-year retention and customization of the transcript is available.

There is a new attendance scanning script which is based on points for particular attendance reasons. Accumulated points will generate a discipline entry and also create form letters for mailing home.

The attendance system has a new 'per student' editing function (along with search).

The SDS system for Saskatchewan schools has an updated course query function that uses the new xml query functions. It also has a new course enrollment synchronization script. It no longer uses the course enrollment journal.

Metaedit has some new options for select elements to allow for leading blank entries.

The gradebook has a new item entry format to simplify weighting and group assignment.

There have been several smaller bug fixes in scripts.

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools