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Re: [school-discuss] mailing list software

On Friday 07 April 2006 19:35, Sharon Betts wrote:
> schoolforge-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Thursday, April 06, 2006 at
> 11:15 PM -0500 wrote:
> > Any suggestions for an email client for young children (like ages 5
> > to 10)?

Something simple, large and clickable like Thunderbird.

> I have a wish for a nice easy to use multi-list mailing list
> software. Who has good suggestions?

MailMan is portable, managable with a web browser, and about as simple 
as an effective mailing list manager can get without risking fragility 
or insecurity.

> We need to manage 5-6 mailing lists with postings managed by school
> secretaries.  It must have web abilities for subscriptions.
> We use metadot for our CMS, but it does not seem to have any built-in
> mailing list capabilities.

I use MailMan for a dozen or so lists, Linux Australia uses it for about 
40, and I have clients who use it for a handful to a sheaf of lists 
each. Installing it is a simple operation (install package, pick 
password, switch on web interface), and managing it is much less 
mind-blowing than it ever traditionally has been.

Cheers; Leon
Perth, Western Australia

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