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Re: [school-discuss] Converting 600 old laptops into K12LTSP thin clients for 1:1 ratio at a middle school

Søndag 21 mai 2006 23:08, skrev Vikram Vincent:
> We would be greatful if someone could guide us on how to obtain recycled
> PCs and laptops in Bangalore, India.

I recomend this links: 


Correct me if I'm wrong, but if India rejects foreign aid, you could do as 
they do in Norway. The ministry of educations has promoted collection 
reused hardware from public and private sector to use in schools. This is 
done professionally, and in competitions with selling new equipment. 

I don't know about India, but countries teams up with One Laptop per Child 
project also. Also known as 100$ laptop: 



Knut Yrvin