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Re: [school-discuss] KSayit

I am using Musix - a very recent version installed on my hard disk.  They did not have it included.  However, KSayit is included on their live DVD and it works really well.  I used it with kids last year.  

WriteType looks cool too.  And I will also try eSpeak.

KSayit gives me the error message that it cannot find KTTS in Control . . . . something like that.  However, when I go to set up KTTS in the system, it seems to configure, but forgets the settings when I close.  I am not using that computer right now so . . . . I think that is right.

Thanks for your help!  



On Wed, 25 May 2011 21:05:54 -0400, Rich Goodwin wrote:


What OS were and are you using?  Others gave options but I am curious.  
You used it before and are (were) comfortable with KSayit.  So what 
changed?  Maybe we can help you get through the configuration issue(s).


Hi! In the past I have used KSayit for students to type a composition and listen to it read back to them. In my current OS I can't get it to work - or kttsmgr either. Any hints? Marilyn