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[school-discuss] SDL, Tuxmath, Tuxtype

I've been adding support for the libSDL 1.2.15 applications I like to
use so that they will also work with SDL 2.x.  If anyone's interested,
some of the patches/modifcations I have so far, they are available
from the archive link at http://www.distasis.com/cpp/patches.htm

I'm currently working on porting Tuxmath and Tuxtype to build with SDL
2.x.  I am in communication with the Tuxmath mailing list.  So, if
they find the changes I'm making useful, they may decide to
incorporate them into their versions of Tuxmath and Tuxtype.  One
thing I've been investigating while I'm making these changes is the
Internationalization support.  How that's done is different with SDL
2.x and looking at the code, I'm not even sure if the current Tuxmath,
Tuxtype code is working properly for SDL 1.2.x.  Drawing Unicode
characters should be fine, but I have concerns over how the code to
input Unicode characters is working.  If possible, I'd like to come up
with a solution that will add better internationalization support for
all the SDL applications I'm porting to SDL 2.x, not just Tuxmath and

Does anyone currently use Tuxmath or Tuxtype (or other SDL based
programs) with internationalized keyboard input (characters beyond the
standard ASCII 127)?  If so, I'd be very interested in hearing about
your experiences.  Would anyone be willing to test internationalized
keyboard input support?

Thank you.

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