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Re: [school-discuss] SDL, Tuxmath, Tuxtype

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 09:12:48AM -0400, LM wrote:
> I've been adding support for the libSDL 1.2.15 applications I like to
> use so that they will also work with SDL 2.x.  If anyone's interested,
> some of the patches/modifcations I have so far, they are available
> from the archive link at http://www.distasis.com/cpp/patches.htm
> I'm currently working on porting Tuxmath and Tuxtype to build with SDL
> 2.x.  I am in communication with the Tuxmath mailing list.  So, if
> they find the changes I'm making useful, they may decide to
> incorporate them into their versions of Tuxmath and Tuxtype.  One
> thing I've been investigating while I'm making these changes is the
> Internationalization support.  How that's done is different with SDL
> 2.x and looking at the code, I'm not even sure if the current Tuxmath,
> Tuxtype code is working properly for SDL 1.2.x.  Drawing Unicode
> characters should be fine, but I have concerns over how the code to
> input Unicode characters is working.  If possible, I'd like to come up
> with a solution that will add better internationalization support for
> all the SDL applications I'm porting to SDL 2.x, not just Tuxmath and
> Tuxtype.
> Does anyone currently use Tuxmath or Tuxtype (or other SDL based
> programs) with internationalized keyboard input (characters beyond the
> standard ASCII 127)?  If so, I'd be very interested in hearing about
> your experiences.  Would anyone be willing to test internationalized
> keyboard input support?

I'd also like to hear about it for Tux Paint.  We have home-grown
Input Method (IM) support, which I barely understand, but which allows
our Text (and Label) tool to accept input in:

 * Japanese - Romanized Hiragana and Romanized Katakana
 * Korean - Hangul Bul-2
 * Thai
 * Traditional Chinese

...possibly others (going off the 'Features' page of the website, which
I admit I may have not kept up-to-date WRT this feature ;) )

And of course, Latin languages (Spanish, French, Italian, etc.)

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