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[school-discuss] New article on open source in schools

Paul Nelson posted the message below to the RedHat OS:N mailing list

Hello Folks,


For a cool article on Linux and open source in schools. (free
register then download the pdf file to read the whole thing...)

This one will make some waves. Someone should warn writers about
letting BOTH Eric and I get our favorite talking points in one
article! ;-^)

Just to set two things straight:
Eric is the developer of K12LTSP. I just get to tell him what we
want and need, then write about it. He does all the hard stuff.

We did pay $10,000 (but only a one time cost) for MS terminal
licenses for our Linux thin-clients because we wanted our kids to
have OS choice.  Now, three months into the school year they've made
the choice and the MS stuff is not used much at all. I wish I could
take that one back...

;-) Paul
Paul Nelson..............................
Riverdale High...........9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd. Portland, OR