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Re: [school-discuss] Choice of OS for Schools

On 6 Nov 2002 at 7:54, Simon Gauvin wrote:
> I'm not sure if this is the list for this, and if not please let me
> know what it is, but I would like to know what discussion has been
> had around the issue of selecting a specific, or set, of operating
> systems for schools. I see, from some comments on the list, that
> there is mention of Linux. However, there are other operating
> systems that are open source.

I think this list would be appropriate. This list seems to center on 
Linux because it is becoming widely deployed in schools, but it is 
not an exclusive list. See some of Mike Eschman's posts about 
Internet radio broadcasts, for example.

That being said, what we want is fast, flawless Microsoft, 
Macintosh, BeOS, BSD, Solaris, AND Amiga binary compatibility that 
will run on a 286 with no cost. :-)

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