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[school-discuss] Educational websites for free in www.eduprojects.net

Dear colleagues,

I would like to inform you that the websites Dafnord Finnland for teachers
of German in Nordic and Baltic countries in http://dafnord.eduprojects.net
and European Schools Projects Finland in http://esp.eduprojects.net have
joined Schoolforge. The logos are there where they belong to :-).
Eduprojects.net of COMPACT, one of the Comenius 3 networks in Europe, is
powered by Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP solutions. Impressio, the content
management system, and the eJournal (e.g. LIP Training Journal in
http://lip.eduprojects.net  ), the lite version of CMS, are products of
Imnetti, a small company in a small town Jämsä in Middle Finland. All
products are based on LAMP. There is collaboration between COMPACT and the
entrepreneur to produce cost-effective educational solutions.
Free websites can be created in http://www.eduprojects.net using CMS.
eJournal is also free for testing if you want to know how it works.
At the time being eJournal is experimented in collaboration between 10
Finnish and 10 South African schools. In LIP (Learn Internet Projects by
Doing) Training Journal there are 67 participants from about 15 countries of
Europe and Asia who just start collaboration in the Internet.

Good news, aren't they?

Best regards,


"A networked teacher is
a multiple teacher..."
Ilpo Halonen
language teacher, M.A.
specialized in educational ICT
gsm +358503460015

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> Dear Abe Loveless and Tech-Geeks.org,
> Welcome to Schoolforge!
> We look forward to working with you to promote open resources in and for
> As you may know, Schoolforge membership comes with a few requirements.
They are
> not difficult or many in number, but they are important to showing
> with the rest of the members.
> First, please go to http://www.schoolforge.net/logos and choose a logo.
Copy it
> to your server, and display it prominently, linked to
> Secondly, join the mailing list, schoolforge-discuss, if you haven't
> You can join by completing and submitting the form at
> http://www.schoolforge.net/sfdiscuss.php.
> You will be automatically subscribed to the members-only list,
> Don't worry; it's low-volume.
> Finally, please participate in the discussions whenever you can. We're in
> to promote free and open resources in education. It's a group effort and
only as
> energetic as we are.
> We look forward to getting to know you.
> Sincerely,
> David Bucknell
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> > technology coordinators.  Now with the federal CIPA requirements, we
> > discovered the benefit to Internet content filtering with Linux servers.
> > Currently, we are experimenting with many of the other fantastic
> > that Open Source Software can provide to our school districts.
> > Contact: Abe Loveless
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