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[school-discuss] Welcome to Schoolforge!

Dear Abe Loveless and Tech-Geeks.org,

Welcome to Schoolforge!

We look forward to working with you to promote open resources in and for education.

As you may know, Schoolforge membership comes with a few requirements. They are
not difficult or many in number, but they are important to showing solidarity
with the rest of the members.

First, please go to http://www.schoolforge.net/logos and choose a logo. Copy it
to your server, and display it prominently, linked to http://www.schoolforge.net.

Secondly, join the mailing list, schoolforge-discuss, if you haven't already.
You can join by completing and submitting the form at

You will be automatically subscribed to the members-only list, schoolforge-core.
Don't worry; it's low-volume.

Finally, please participate in the discussions whenever you can. We're in this
to promote free and open resources in education. It's a group effort and only as
energetic as we are.

We look forward to getting to know you.


David Bucknell
for Schoolforge Membership

==New members' descriptions follow:
> Name: Tech-Geeks.Org
> Url: http://www.tech-geeks.org
> Description: We are a group of K-12 educators primarily located throughout
> the state of Illinois.  We began as a technology Q&A listserv for K-12
> technology coordinators.  Now with the federal CIPA requirements, we quickly
> discovered the benefit to Internet content filtering with Linux servers. 
> Currently, we are experimenting with many of the other fantastic benefits
> that Open Source Software can provide to our school districts.
> Contact: Abe Loveless
> Contact email:loveless@tech-geeks.org

http://members.iteachnet.org/webzine *
http://opensourceschools.org *
http://schoolforge.net * We Belong!
http://www.over-seas.com *
http://www.rose-marie.ac.th *