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[school-discuss] etc ... web site updates [http://www.etc-edu.com]


our broadcast channels will be included on the emacspeak desktop next release.

we now run 3 broadcast channels : literature, history and science.
all three channels also broadcast classical and jazz music.

the download page has .mp3 audio books of alice in wonderland,
frankenstein and 5 other works.

the downloads section has new sheet music by gershwin, shostakovitch, dave 
brubeck and a number of jazz classics.

a math and science section has been added to the links page.

we have commenced work on the iliad and the odessey.

the live performance of jack london's "house of mapuhi" can be downloaded.

after homer is complete, we will be doing :

balzac droll stories.
thomas hardy wessex tales.

we are preparing two new cd images for Christmas :

- a christmas cd.
- collected book request from 2002.

enjoy :-)

mike eschman, etc ...
"Not just an afterthought ...