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Re: [school-discuss] Tux Print?

Le dimanche 07 novembre 2004 à 08:02 +0700, David Bucknell a écrit :
> Dear Bill and Bruno,
> I have been training teachers for two years at a small international school here
> in Thailand and we are just now getting to the point where they can use the
> Educational Apps. They like GCompris and Tux Math, of course, but think they
> need more problem sets (for more practice). Tux Paint is just great because it
> lets them provide the content and I imagine Tux Writer would be the same. The
> next step is to involve them as contributors. They aren't about to join the
> mailing lists. I guess I'll start by making lists of their gripes. Suggestions
> of the way forward? Obvioiusly, I'll help put together their ideas, but it is
> unrealistic for me to think I will be able to find time to format their lessons
> for each of your projects. Ideas?

You are correct, this is also one request I have from teachers.
Concerning gcompris, I had this in mind when I started this project and
it's not that easy but could be done.
It's not something usefull for each activity but several of them could
benefit from teacher editing.
It's not that complex to implement because in gcompris, the data used by
the activities are already defined in separate dataset. We just need to
add a feature to let teachers edit/create the dataset. That was the
purpose of gcompris-edit utility but it never went above the main menu

Now, take care not to go too far, computers are not here to replace
teachers but just help them 'eventually'. Their is no need to format
their lessons. Computer is not even good for everything teacher does.
We need just to make sure that when a computer activity is usefull to
teachers, it can be feed with he/her specific content, usually the list
of words to learn.

Bruno Coudoin
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