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Re: [school-discuss] Cozy "soak the taxpayer" cone of silence

Hello all.

Where do I start.

I am the President of the Cedar Grove NJ K-12 school district http://www.cedargrove.k12.nj.us/BOEhome.htm

I work for a major computer HW/SW and Services vendor that has invested and reaped the benefits of Linux. I work with Linux everyday.

I cannot get past first base with OSS. It doesn't help that another Board Member is an avowed MS bigot. My district get $0 money from MS, I know I do the budget. The problem is deeper than that. Most school districts have no time to experiment with new software. Many teachers and Administrators feel comfortable with very specific packages which they use exclusivly (Word/Powerpoint). For them to move to a non-MS package requires a heavy push and a concerted effort by senior admin, who have to deal with many more pressing issues. (drugs/violence in schools, NCLB underfunding etc)

I wouldn't read any deeper challenge than a rather computer shy group (overall, there are exceptions). that has a tool they can use, and cost them nothing.

Phil Tully

michaelldean@sbcglobal.net wrote:

Hey guys, I have been working on some schools with positive results. Perhaps if you were to send me your marketing materials, and info on your goals and objective re: open source, I could give you some pointers. As I am a marketing/sales guy, not a programmer. I also am available for private confidential consultations if desired.
Michael Dean
SourceView Technologies
716 Alhambra Ave.
Martinez, CA 94553

Brian Chase wrote:

You may be onto something here.

Could it be the next $1500 toilet seat in a cozy tax fraud scheme?

Only further digging will show......

norbert wrote:

microman@cmosnetworks.com wrote:

Yep, that's my district, too. Heck, it seems to be every district and school around here except for one lone school in my area. I've given up on US schools and am now shifting my focus to the Latin Americans. They seem to be considerably more open-minded.

I think it will take a government mandate, probably from nothing less than your state/provincial government, to get the local government people to get a move-on. Here's a link that amplifies this truly stupid mindset:


What I find disturbing is that part about your sister's unwillingness to even tell you why.


Brian Chase wrote:

Well, as the attached email indicated, it's difficult convincing died in the wool and old-school Microsoft folks to switch to Linux, but I'd thought I'd put it out there for comment.




Well, I failed trying to sell to my sister
Brian Chase <networkr0@cfl.rr.com>
Mon, 08 Nov 2004 19:53:56 -0500
Steve Hargadon <steve.hargadon@gmail.com>

Steve Hargadon <steve.hargadon@gmail.com>


My sister is a vice-principal in a high school in Connecticut, with a background in teaching computer and business classes. Maybe she's worried about nepatism, maybe she just doesn't think enough of me as a character reference, but my own sister won't even give me contacts for IT people from within her school system! Wonder if the shoe was on the other foot how I'd feel.....

In any event, she won't tell me ANYTHING, she's clammed up. She won't even tell me why she's so secretive about it, but I only want to help, don't want to show her or anyone else up, and don't want to soak the State of Connecticut for it's precious tax dollars. As I understand it, they are committed Microsoft all the way, but that might not be the case.

Anyone else care to crack this nut?

I'd appreciate any coaching you might provide in the various sales approaches that you used in this environment over the years.


Brian Chase


Might I suggest another possibility, after racking my brains for the past 18 months on demos, presentations & info seminars and getting rave reviews from teachers, principals & students alike. Running very successful pilot projects in the schools & community centres, I now told that the School Boards will NOT proceed with OSS !!!!
Now understand that we have had admissions from senior board IT people owing up that K12ltsp would save them hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$ yet still no progress.
However some of my "inside" sources are telling me that the issue is not from within the School Boards, nor from the Govt. ! but from "unknown generous donours" that tie their donations ( or payouts) to the continued use of M$ products.............. could this be the cause of the "cone of silence" suddenly being invoked when probing for leads & info in your area too ?????

Comments ?????


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