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[school-discuss] Damn, they are moving fast

Well, there's another Fedora Core out, FC3, featuring new Gnome and KDE, and other goodies like wireless tools and SE Linux, which is a major security enhancement. Any of you KDE fans that use KWallet, now there's a Keyring application in Gnome which operates similarly, which give some competition to KDE. I still prefer using Kget integration with Konqueror for mirror downloads, but you can do that fine in Gnome so it looks like I'll be sticking with Gnome for awhile. Firefox and Thunderbird are also included.

Oh, yeah, another very cool and valuable feature, the email program that looks just like Outlook called Evolution now has the ability to connect directly to a Microsoft Exchange server and use all the groupware functions on it, not that I've been able to test it, but it's got the selection in "server type". This is pretty major for introducing Linux in large corporate environments and not short-changing those that use Linux from participating in shared tasks, calendar items, and public folders.

Not sure what this means, but FC3 partitioning looks very different, didn't get screenshot, but I think it uses LVM by default. Logical Volume Management, hmmm. Just started reading about it but don't know the benefits yet. Comments....?

Just loaded the new 64-bit version on the Opteron box, pretty sweet, but still has similar look and feel. Had it loaded now for just a day, so I'm sure I'll find a few more things that could use improvement.

Other than that, no major breakthrough's in my Linux work, except maybe for the squirrelmail plug ins, enabling full groupware functionality on my webmail pages.