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Subject: 	SEUL
Date: 	Tue, 9 Nov 2004 11:55:14 +0000
From: 	linuxgirlie <linuxgirlie@gmail.com>
Reply-To: 	linuxgirlie <linuxgirlie@gmail.com>
To: 	dloss@seul.org


I am just writing to tell you about my fiance and I project called
Karoshi (www.karoshi.org.uk)
It is a point and click server setup for Linux in schools, it has lots
of systems integated for example an Intranet, Home Access, WebMail and
We are also at this current moment working on a fat client, that will
connect via samba so that all the shares, profiles etc are the same
whatever os is being used. This will also be point and click.

Anyway, Just thought you might be interested.