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Re: [school-discuss] Which is the fastest Desktop distro for schools?

On Sat, Nov 13, 2004 at 02:27:13PM -0800, Lincoln Peters wrote:
> I think that good package management is important for a school
> environment, so that they can easily apply security patches and
> install new software when they need to.

Exactly.  That's the point of large amount of educative holy wars
with slackwarists and gentooists on my part -- and the most
hard-to-answer thing is "and how much time do you spend on a
dozen of systems to maintain?".  Educative, because if a person
thinks of itself as an systems administrator, then "systems" is
not just "localhost".

The next merit after the packaging system itself is richness and
conciseness (in terms of dependencies) of package repository, and
Debian is really by far leading in this area. (well... we at ALT
Linux are also striving, but that's a whole another story :)

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