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Re: [school-discuss] Which is the fastest Desktop distro for schools?

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 12:24:24 +0200
Michael Shigorin <mike@osdn.org.ua> wrote:

: Exactly.  That's the point of large amount of educative holy wars
: with slackwarists and gentooists on my part -- and the most
: hard-to-answer thing is "and how much time do you spend on a
: dozen of systems to maintain?".  Educative, because if a person
: thinks of itself as an systems administrator, then "systems" is
: not just "localhost".

Well, there are many ways to deal with this: scripts, local pkg
repositories, nfs, etc. Can you provide links or flesh this 'debate'
out a bit? People have been keeping networks up to date for decades.

: The next merit after the packaging system itself is richness and
: conciseness (in terms of dependencies) of package repository, and
: Debian is really by far leading in this area. 

I'm not sure this is relevant. It's true that Debian has over 10,000
packages available but how many will you need? The significant fact
is that for all the software available, precious little of it falls
in the education/applications category. What good is a ton of
software you don't need?