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[school-discuss] from Open formats to top posting.

On Wednesday 24 November 2004 8:34 am, robin wrote:
> [sorry to those who don't like top-posting, but the only alternatives in
> this thread would be to middle-post, or to bottom post with the first
> post in the thread coming second]

Just a conversational meta-comment.  I don't mind top-posting, and actually 
prefer it, as long as there is reference to the email to which the post is 
responding, or the subject heading is accurate, because it makes reading a 
flow of conversation easier.  My client (Kmail) works fine for organizing 
email, and if i need to go back to a prior message to remind myself of the 
context, it is easy enough to do.  What was convention, i.e. the imposition 
of text linearity in posting messages, might not be necessary at some time in 
the future as software and bandwidth improves.  I'm not saying "Let's do away 
with bottom posting", but rather opening a conversation about it's future 
relevance.  Accessibility/Readability must surely still be in the