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Re: [school-discuss] PII and PIII Computer donation near Boston

On Monday 15 March 2004 9:41 am, Bill Barowy wrote:
> A publishing co. in Boston, MA is looking to donate around  20 PII
> machines and 20 PIII machines, most with 15" Sony Trinitron monitors to
> a K-12 school.  I'm told they are nice and totally functional.  Looks
> like a great opportunity for a school to set up a linux presence.  Drop
> me a line if you know of a school in the area that would be interested.

As it turns out, a computer donation was made but somehow the announcment 
never made it back to this list.  I think it should, cause it's a minor 
achievement for the OSS movement itself, and seems like  a pretty cool one 
for the kids involved.

Somewhere about a third down the page is the story and video:

I have no idea how hard it was for  Anoush Najarian (who is on this list?) to 
get the machines to Armenia, or what was involved.  It would be great to 
learn of the story.