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Re: [school-discuss] What kind of competitions can we have duringLinux festival in school?

Get knoppix or mandrake move CDs

Get people to reboot the machines and also take the harddisk out of the machines.

This creates a real eye OPENER for the M$ background people.

Then have a painting competition for KG students with TUX Paint.

On Sun, 2004-11-21 at 09:10, Arjun Asthana wrote:

But the kids are unlikely to be enthused by an alien environment (Linux) and 
such daunting tasks.

Much rather, I could ask them to use open office to create documents and mail 
to our mail on-line. This would expose them to use open office and show them 
the ease of using it. 

On Sunday 21 November 2004 04:03, ccosse wrote:
> Here's an idea i've kept under-wraps with the intent of developing it as
> an opensource project someday. Unfortunately, no time yet.  The idea is to
> have a "Linux Scavenger Hunt".  That's probably all i need to say, but, in
> case it's not obvious, basically make exploring linux a "game"  (scavenger
> hunt). Some ideas are....
> 1. "goto /usr/ local/test and compile such-and-such, run it, and note
> the output" (one clue in the scavenger hunt)
> 2. "what is the first word, second paragraph of such-and-such man page?"
> (another clue)
> 3. on and on ad infinitum....
> If anyone would like to collaborate in developing a "Linux Scavenger
> Hunt" please contact me -- i've got several ideas, and would like to do
> this myself. Hope this gives you a useful idea,
> Charles Cosse
> Michael Shigorin wrote:
> >On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 06:34:46PM +0800, Arjun Asthana wrote:
> >>Suggestions and experience narrations will be valuable.
> >
> >If you can burn some Knoppix to them -- be it a common present or
> >some kind of prize -- it may just prove helpful at any household
> >
> >:-)
> >
> >Sorry, nothing comes to mind regarding competitions.
> >Not "installation time" though.
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