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Re: [school-discuss] Re: empty subject from Michael Dean

On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 13:46 -0800, Steelhoof wrote:
> The easiest way to be assured you will be ignored and reviled is to send 
> a message (especially as a reply) with nothing in the subject.
> just advice.
> Bill

Not Michael's fault, Bill (at least, not solely).  He mailed this
message from an unsubscribed address, which automatically bounced to me
for approval.  When I approve these things I have to make sure that no
header line is broken, because majordomo will interpret the second part
of the broken line as the start of the body text.  I missed one here.

Moral of the story?  Always post to this list from the address you
subscribed with; then I won't have the chance to mangle your golden

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