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[school-discuss] Re: empty subject from Michael Dean

The easiest way to be assured you will be ignored and reviled is to send a message (especially as a reply) with nothing in the subject.

just advice.


Michael Dean wrote:

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sorry for confusion, I guess I am confused as well as why anyone would use a wiki and not allow users to write there.

Bill Kendrick wrote:

On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 12:42:25PM -0500, Bill Barowy wrote:

????  Who were you (michael dean ) responding to?

What I'm confused by is how a forum would replace a wiki, in terms of

It's like saying one should use a chat hotline instead of the dictionary.
(Or... okay, that's a pretty lame analogy, but...  my point is, while
somewhat similar, the purpose of a wiki and a forum are _totally_ different.)