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[school-discuss] Wiki spam: one possible solution

Hi to everybody and thanks for your responses,

There is an easy way to prevent wiki spam on Phpwiki without enabling user authentication:
Edit /etc/phpwiki/index.php and set ALLOW_BOGO_LOGIN and REQUIRE_SIGNIN_BEFORE_EDIT to true.
This way, users must register (using whatever username) but they don't have to introduce a password. This stops spam robots.

The explanation from the index.php file:

// If ALLOW_BOGO_LOGIN is true, users are allowed to login (with
// any/no password) using any userid which:
//  1) is not the ADMIN_USER,
//  2) is a valid WikiWord (matches $WikiNameRegexp.)
// If true, users may be created by themselves. Otherwise we need
// seperate auth. This might be renamed to ALLOW_SELF_REGISTRATION.
if (!defined('ALLOW_BOGO_LOGIN')) define('ALLOW_BOGO_LOGIN', true);

// This will go away, with true page permissions.
// If set, then if an anonymous user attempts to edit a page he will
// be required to sign in. (If ALLOW_BOGO_LOGIN is true, of course,
// no password is required, but the user must still sign in under
// some sort of WikiWordName.)