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Re: [school-discuss] Why Wiki Authentication

I've even had bots/malware steal users log ins and attempt to log in and spam a site I administer. If you are dealing with kids or families, you can't leave the front door open. That's inviting disaster.


On Nov 4, 2005, at 11:44 PM, wbarowy@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

There is this utopian perspective inherent in the wiki, which is essential in its design. But lets get real about the Internet. There's lots of unsavory folks who have full Internet access.


I see in my router logs, my server logs, my email, in tons of articles, the overwhelming evidence for the dark side of the internet. We have to recognize this exists if we are to enable people to use great tools like wikis without being left seriously vulnerable to predators, especially those who are in sensitive and influential moments of their development, as children are.