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[school-discuss] Why Filter Access

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 04:44:12AM +0000, wbarowy@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I see in my router logs, my server logs, my email, in tons of
> articles, the overwhelming evidence for the dark side of the
> internet.  We have to recognize this exists if we are to enable
> people to use great tools like wikis without being left
> seriously vulnerable to predators, especially those who are in
> sensitive and influential moments of their development, as
> children are.

I'd even say that plucking one's head in sand (being "politically
correct", "conforming to the idea" or otherwise nonsensical)
really doesn't help at all with fixing -- or working around -- 
the problem.

If a person is cancer-ill, it doesn't help to avoid calling
cancer its name.  Must at least attempt to be cured.

If a person is gay, it doesn't help to pretend nothing's really
wrong (err... no flamebait here; I'm not hating them, it's a pity
such people didn't have the support and gave in to another attack
from the dark side of the world; next day I might find myself in
even worse situation).

So: helping young to learn to seek the truth is good, if wiki can
help to share their knowledge and the sense of beauty around us
(be it mathematical formulae or an autumn leaf), that's fine.

But just as we close our doors not to let rogue folks and colder
wind into our lives, we have to filter many other things out.
Yes, with love and resignation, but still firmly.

<step off the soapbox>

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