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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] ImaNote 0.5 released

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for your good questions on ImaNote.

Wayne Mackintosh kirjoitti 9.11.2005 kello 10:10:

Is there any way that we can set this up as a "webservice" concept - I know
that it does not entirely meet the social concept notion - but I'm always
looking for ways in which folk who don't have connectivity can benefit from
these technologies.

Do you mean "application service provider" (ASP) model? Yes, you can do this. For instance someone could set ImaNote up on the Eduforge - server (http://eduforge.org/) and offer it for Eduforge members as a tool.

Im ImaNote there are two level of users: (1) *managers* with the rights to add new images to the system and (2) *users* with the rights to add annotations to the images. The provider of the service should then think what kind of role she is willing to give for the users of the ImaNote.

In Eduforge there could be, for instance, a high resolution map of the world and members of the Educforge could add annotations explaining where they live and work.

Is there a way we can strip the product of ImaNote into HTML that we can
package in a div and publish offline using a technology like eXe?

The ImaNote runs on a Zope application server (http:/zope.org) and is using the Zope Object Database (ZDOB) coming with the Zope package.

You can install Zope locally on your machine, install ImaNote product in your Zope and run the ImaNote from your localhost, just on your own computer.

Best regards,

    - Teemu

Chat to you soon.

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Subject: [IIEP] ImaNote 0.5 released

Dear all,

We're proud to announce the release of ImaNote 0.5 - a web-based
multi-user tool that allows you and your friends, to display online a
high-resolution images (e.g. maps) and add annotations and links in
to them. It is not primary a “learning tool” but it is an empowering
“social software” - we hope.

The ImaNote software is available here:


ImaNote is Open Source and Free Software released under the GNU
General Public Licence (GPL).

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