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[school-discuss] Wiki Pedagogy

Wiki Pedagogy

> Abstract
> This article endeavours to denote and promote pedagogical 
> experimentations concerning a Free/Open technology called a 
> "Wiki". An intensely simple, accessible and collaborative 
> hypertext tool Wiki software challenges and complexifies 
> traditional notions of - as well as access to - authorship, 
> editing, and publishing. Usurping official authorizing 
> practices in the public domain poses fundamental - if not 
> radical - questions for both academic theory and 
> pedagogical practice.
> The particular pedagogical challenge is one of control: 
> wikis work most effectively when students can assert 
> meaningful autonomy over the process. This involves not 
> just adjusting the technical configuration and delivery; it 
> involves challenging the social norms and practices of the 
> course as well (Lamb, 2004). Enacting such horizontal 
> knowledge assemblages in higher education practices could 
> evoke a return towards and an instance upon the making of 
> impossible public goods? (Ciffolilli, 2003).

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