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[school-discuss] [IIEP] Open Source for Education in Europe...

Does anyone have details of this please? It seems to have just been held. FN


Open Source for Education in Europe


Open University of the
Educational Technology
Expertise Centre
Valkenburgerweg 177
Heerlen, The
6419 AT

November 14 - 15, 2005  Open Source Software (OSS) is of increasing
interest in education. It can provide better quality software, increased
pedagogic choice, enhanced flexibility and new business and social
models. Furthermore, the idea of Open Source is being extended into
other areas including the production of e-learning materials.

This conference is organised by two European sponsored projects,
SIGOSSEE and JOIN, which have been investigating the potential of Open
Source and providing services for educational institutions wishing to
implement Open Source products, together with the Open University of the
Netherlands (OUNL) which has a long track record of innovation in

The conference focuses on a number of major issues in Open Source in
education in Europe including:

â Learning with Open Source
â Open standards for e-learning
â Sustainability strategies â managing open source
â Open content, issues and implications

The conference is open to all interested in Open Source in education
including researchers, managers, teacher and trainers, policy makers and

For more information visit the websites of SIGOSSEE and JOIN! and the
Open University of the Netherlands

        Conference Program
        Call for Papers
        Abstract and Paper Submission
        Presenters, Abstracts, and
        Registration, Accommodation, and
        Conference Organizers and Key

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