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Re: [school-discuss] [IIEP] Open Source for Education in Europe...

I asked the same question last week at:

Here are the proceedings:=20

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Frederick Noronha (FN) wrote:

>Does anyone have details of this please? It seems to have just been =
held. FN
>Open Source for Education in Europe
>Open University of the
>Educational Technology
>Expertise Centre
>Valkenburgerweg 177
>Heerlen, The
>6419 AT
>November 14 - 15, 2005  Open Source Software (OSS) is of increasing
>interest in education. It can provide better quality software, incre=
>pedagogic choice, enhanced flexibility and new business and social
>models. Furthermore, the idea of Open Source is being extended into
>other areas including the production of e-learning materials.
>This conference is organised by two European sponsored projects,
>SIGOSSEE and JOIN, which have been investigating the potential of Op=
>Source and providing services for educational institutions wishing t=
>implement Open Source products, together with the Open University of=
>Netherlands (OUNL) which has a long track record of innovation in
>The conference focuses on a number of major issues in Open Source in
>education in Europe including:
>=E2EUR=A2 Learning with Open Source
>=E2EUR=A2 Open standards for e-learning
>=E2EUR=A2 Sustainability strategies =E2EUR" managing open source
>=E2EUR=A2 Open content, issues and implications
>The conference is open to all interested in Open Source in education
>including researchers, managers, teacher and trainers, policy makers=
>For more information visit the websites of SIGOSSEE and JOIN! and th=
>Open University of the Netherlands
>       =20
>        Overview
>       =20
>        Conference Program
>       =20
>        Call for Papers
>       =20
>        Abstract and Paper Submission
>       =20
>        Presenters, Abstracts, and
>        Papers
>       =20
>        Registration, Accommodation, and
>        Travel
>       =20
>        Conference Organizers and Key
>        Partners
> =20