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Re: [school-discuss] Wiki spam

your request flies in the face of the purpose of a wiki in the first place.  Choose another piece of software which gives you finer grained control over input, perhaps via a moderator.  Forums, in other words, instead of a wiki

wbarowy@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I've got a wiki going for my students in education, who are k-12 teachers, and use authentication with no ill side effects.  In fact, one used the wiki with her 9th grade girls who had no trouble whatsover.  Having it has also made folks feel more secure about what they have created.  



On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 11:41:51PM +0200, Pau Cabot wrote:
The question is: does anybody know a way to prevent this spam
without enabling user autentication?
Just enable it.

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