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[school-discuss] ToolBox will offer a set of FLOSS edutools

Hi all,

We just started to develop a new FLOSS server software for teaching and learning. ToolBox is not LMS, neither CSCL tool, nor PLE (personal learning environment) / Future VLE.

A key concept behind the software is a "learning pattern" that is a combination of content, methods and tools. With ToolBox's tools teachers and students can build learning patterns and the components of what the patterns are constructed / or deconstructed from.

The software development takes place online. If you are interested in, please, get involved in it:


A more human-readable article with early ideas of the ToolBox is available in Flosse Posse blog:

http://flosse.dicole.org/?item=content-methods-tools-learning-pattern- the-toolbox-is-in-production

Best regards,

	- Teemu

Teemu Leinonen
+358 50 351 6796
Media Lab
University of Art and Design Helsinki