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[school-discuss] [IIEP] Introducing F[L]OSS in the formal technical education curricula

Check out this talk, from the http://foss.in event being held in
Bangalore from Nov 29 to Dec 2. -FN


NRCFOSS Chennai - Introducing FOSS in the formal technical education

Speaker Name Prof. C N Krishnan  Company AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna
University Website www.au-kbc.org Scope General Topic Education Type
talk Abstract This talk presents the goals and programs of NRCFOSS, with
emphasis on the HRD aspect of it, which is focussed on the introduction
of FOSS into the formal curricula of higher technical education in
India. In the first phase, it is being introduced as two FOSS Electives
and the Final Year FOSS Project for undergraduate Engineering (BE/BTech)
students in Tamil Nadu.

Also planned is a program of migrating the Software Packages prescribed
in the UG Engineering Curricula to their FOSS equivalents wherever
available/possible. In the second phase, these programs would be
extended to the rest of the country. Localisation and Indian Language
Computing, Entrepreneurship Dveleopment in FOSS, large scale deployment
of FOSS Products/Technologies in areas like E-Governance, Education,
SMEs etc. are some of the other themes being pursued at NRCFOSS. The
talk will present the details of these programs and how they are being
implemented, and highlight the various ways in which the FOSS Community
can help in these efforts.

Audience: Pre-requisites Educators, FOSS Community

Speaker Profile Director, AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University,
Chennai, and Joint Coordinator, NRCFOSS (National Resource Centre for
FOSS), Anna University, Chennai. A Professor of Communication
Engineering at the Madras Institute of Technology Campus of Anna
University, he is the founder director of the Anna University-K B
Chandrasekhar Research Centre (www.au-kbc.org) which is a pioneering
effort in promoting Public-Private-Partnership in R&D in India. Jointly
with C-DAC Chennai, he has set up NRCFOSS in April 2005 with funding
from the Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of India. He has a BTech
degree from IIT Madras, and MTech and Ph.D degrees from IIT Kanpur --
all in the area of Electrical Communications -- and has been with the
Anna University since 1977.