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[school-discuss] movies of chemical reactions

 Chemistry MPEG Movies--University of Texas-Austin [QuickTime, Chime, 

The University of Texas at Austin Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has 
an excellent chemical reaction movie site. This site is broken down into 
three areas: Organic Chemical Reactions, Educational System Group's MPEG 
Periodic Table, and Welch Scholar Program movies. In Organic Chemical 
Reactions various QuickTime movies can be viewed through either a standard or 
a UT Virtual Campus version. UT Virtual Campus requires a Netscape 3.0, a 
1024x768 resolution monitor, and Chime plug-in/QuickTimeVR components (both 
require a QuickTime player). The MPEG Periodic Table is an interactive table 
that currently contains 41 elements; users may choose from several reaction 
movies for each element. Finally, Welch Scholar Program movies contains more 
organic chemical reaction movies. Not all navigational graphics on the site 
function correctly, but the MPEG files will display properly, and are well 
worth the sometimes lengthy download times.
URL: http://huckel.cm.utexas.edu/movies.html