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Re: [school-discuss] movies of chemical reactions

Hi Mike

At 03:19 AM 10/1/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>  Chemistry MPEG Movies--University of Texas-Austin [QuickTime, Chime,
>The University of Texas at Austin Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 
>an excellent chemical reaction movie site. This site is broken down into
>three areas: Organic Chemical Reactions, Educational System Group's MPEG
>Periodic Table, and Welch Scholar Program movies. In Organic Chemical
>Reactions various QuickTime movies can be viewed through either a standard or
>a UT Virtual Campus version. UT Virtual Campus requires a Netscape 3.0, a
>1024x768 resolution monitor, and Chime plug-in/QuickTimeVR components (both
>require a QuickTime player). The MPEG Periodic Table is an interactive table
>that currently contains 41 elements; users may choose from several reaction
>movies for each element. Finally, Welch Scholar Program movies contains more
>organic chemical reaction movies. Not all navigational graphics on the site
>function correctly, but the MPEG files will display properly, and are well
>worth the sometimes lengthy download times.
>URL: http://huckel.cm.utexas.edu/movies.html

I could not open the site.  Is the URL correct ?


Stephen Liu