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[school-discuss] NECC deadline is Wednesday - Oct 9

Hello Folks,

I've talked with the NECC program chair and they are excited about the
prospect of an open source strand for presenters. The first step though
is to actually have folks offer to present. I'm hoping 20 of you will!
Link with info:

I expect to have some help in funding for those of you who have
presentations accepted so before you wonder if you can pay for a trip to
Seattle in June, SUBMIT A PROPOSAL! ;-) (write now -- pay later)

Presenters we're looking for:
1. Open Source - Free Software: Samba the road to Linux through Windows
2. Open Source - Free Software: OpenOffice - It works. It's free. Duh...
3. Open Source - Free Software: SquidGuard - Internet filtering 101
4. Open Source - Free Software: K-12 Red Hat Linux Pilot - OESI
5. etc...

These are just ideas. I've already submitted a proposal for a 1/2 day
K12LTSP workshop and I've pasted in a copy of a GIMP presentation below
so you can see what it takes to write a proposal. 

There are so many cool programs out there, it would be great to have
them at NECC. A good example is the RH Linux based open source book
reader iso I just downloaded from http://www.etc-edu.com/. This is so
cool! It reads books right to the sound card and boots from the CD-Rom.
Projects like this have great potential in schools but we need to get
the word out.

It's exciting to think of more than 10,000 teachers learning about open
source software in schools. It's also exciting to think that many of us
will have the chance to get together and discuss OSS in EDU for a few
days. I hope you'll take a risk and step forward to offer a session on
how you're using OSS in your school. Please share your ideas and
proposals with the K12OSN list so we can offer encouragement and

;-) Paul 

More info...

There are several types of presentations:
CONCURRENT SESSIONS - One hour long Panel, team, or individual speakers

RESEARCH PAPER SESSIONS* Original research (not published or submitted

POSTER SESSIONS * Two hours long * Informal format allowing participants
to engage in one-on-one or small-group discussions with presenters

WEB POSTER SESSIONS * Two hours long * Informal format allowing
participants to engage in one-on-one or small-group discussions with

STUDENT SHOWCASE SESSIONS * Two hours long * Informal format allowing
participants to engage in one-on-one or small-group discussions with
teachers and students

MAKE & TAKE SESSIONS  * Two hours long * Hands-on component that results
in participants leaving with a product or ready to use a project/product
with students.

To give you an idea of what a proposal looks like I'll paste in what I
just did for our GIMP/Photography course...
Open Source - Free Software: Digital Photography and the GIMP

Today's darkroom is inside your computer. Explore the GIMP (GNU Image
Manipulation Progrom) and take home a free copy for your school and

We've had great success using free, open source software running on
Windows, Mac and Linux platforms with students in photography classes.
The software is called the GIMP. 

We have a collection of lessons and student work to share along with
software to give away. Teachers may freely copy these materials and
software to replicate the program in their schools creating a course in
digital photography. Our objective is to showcase the software, lesson
media and student work.

Presentation Outline ( Interactive - Lecture )
1.Slide show of student photography
2.Introduce 10 lessons for digital photography course
3.Demonstrate the GIMP - free software for photo editing
4.Q & A

Many schools are not using technology in art instruction because of the
high cost of traditional software like PhotoShop. By using free software
schools can address access equity issues and provide software for
classrooms and students with violating copyright restrictions.

We've field tested this curriculum with the students in our district
with great results. We feel that the use of technology in the arts is
often an under-represented and poorly implimented part of many school
programs. Our goal is to address this with a no-cost, easily replicated
course offering.

As an added "virtual component" we are inviting schools with GIMP
photography courses to participate in our web based gallery of student
work.  See our web site for more details.

Paul Nelson .............................. pnelson@riverdale.k12.or.us
Riverdale High School .................. http://hs.riverdale.k12.or.us