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Subject: Your Proposal1647Esch
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 11:29:08 -0700
From: NECC Program <neccprogram@iste.org>
To: meschman@engima.com

Dear Friend of the National Educational Computing Conference,

Thank you for submitting your proposal for NECC 2003. This electronically
 generated response serves as official confirmation that your proposal has
 been received and will be considered for inclusion in the NECC 2003 program
 in Seattle, Washington, June 30 - July 2, 2003.

All potential presenters will be notified of acceptance/decline via U.S. mail
 by mid-December 2002. If you do not receive a letter from NECC indicating
 the status of your proposal by late December 2002, please notify us
 immediately at neccprogram@iste.org.

Thank you for your interest in NECC!

NECC 2003 Program Committee

- - - - - - - - - - Your Contact Info- - - - - - - - - -

First Name: Mike
Last  Name: Eschman
Job Title: Technical Director
Affiliation: Engima Technologies Corp.
Street Address: 52 Oaklawn Drive
City: Metairie
State: La
Zip Code: 70005
Country: USA
Work Phone: 504-610-3292
Home Phone: 504-833-0524
Fax: 504-833-7781
Email: meschman@engima.com
URL for your presentation: http://www.etc-edu.com

- - - - - - - - - - Submission Details - - - - - - - - - -

Title: Improving K-12 Public Education by producing your own classroom and
 fund-raising materials

Category: Make and Take
Session Theme: Framework
Session Strand: Implementing the No Child Left Behind (ESEA) legislation
Workshop Strand:

Audience: P12 Teachers
Teacher Educators (College/University Faculty)
Technology Coordinators
Staff Developers
Library/Media Specialists
Audience Level: General

Exhibitor presentation: Yes

Engima Technologies Corp.

Diversity Component: Yes

MLS Alumni: No


- - - -  - - - - Additional Info Specific to Workshops Submissions  - - - - -

Workshop Length:
Workshop Format:
Workshop Skill Level:
- - - - - - - - - - Description and Summary Info - - - - - - - - - -

Description: Produce plays, music, text-work books locally.
Raise money and preserve music and theatre programs as fund-raising
elements in K-12 environments.

Summary Info: Public school districts world wide are dealing with shrinking
 budgets and expanding expenses.  At the same time, quality expectations for
 education are rising.

How to cope? One way is to harvest income from resident talent in students
 and faculty using royalty free software and the internet.  This can provide
 fund-raising opportunities and budget reductions while preserving and
 enhancing the educational experience.

Our plan rests on these basic principles :

1 - by definition, students and teachers possess talent that has value.
2 - Public domain source materials can provide a basis for education.
3 - With help from local universities, a public domain basis for classroom
 materials can result in reduced spending and improved quality in existing

At etc ... we have built production and distribution systems for text books,
 work books and every form of audio-visual materials.  These systems allow
 school districts to produce new, original materials, which can be used in
 fund-raising activities, such as student plays and concerts, and provides a
 basis for replacing proprietary classroom artifacts with public domain
 materials, which can be extended and enhanced, ultimately creating a new
 body of work, over which school districts hold the copyright.

The tools leverage the Gutenberg Collection at http://www.promo.net - who we
support by creating audio books for disabled and english as a second language

They also leverage 3D animation technologies funded by the U.S., and
 available internet broadcast facilities.  We are proving their worth by
 supporting teacher request for materials, sponsoring local high school
 theatre groups and putting text and audio for books on the web at
 http://www.etc-edu.com, Engima Technologies home page.

The idea is cost reduction and community involvement.

Many school districts have access to public service cable TV and internet.
These are fund-raising broadcast opportunities that will hone student and
teacher skills.

If you cntact a local university and ask them to use your textbook budget to
 create a new set you can control pricing on, then, starting from scratch,
 you are likely to fail.

Starting with a public domain seed set of thousands of texts, you are more
 likely to succeed.

If you can record, broadcast and distribute CDs and VCDs of football and
 basketball games, plays and concerts by student performers, this can provide
 a little relief, if royalities don't steal your thunder.  So Open Source,
 free content and software can make a losing proposition a winning
 proposition.  If you can provide parents and other interested parties CDs
 and VCDs[DVDs] of what their children do for a low cost, you can raise money
 and provide student opportunities to "do something real" at the same time. 
 After all, all new ideas come from our children.

We've been active in doing this since April, at http://www.etc-edu.com.

I am 52, was raised at a foster home in New Orleans, and have moved back to
 Louisiana to take care of family.  My wife Charlotte, the President of etc
 ..., loves where we grew up, and we both are hell bent on preserving it.  My
 degree is in Computer Science from University of Maryland.  My wife is piano
 tuner to a group of R&B luminaries [Ellis Marsilis, Allan Tousant, Henry
 Butler and most local University music programs [UNO, Xavier, ...].

She is completing a degree in Music History at UNO.

We are very active in the community - supporting three Louisiana school
 districts on an on-going basis.  etc ...'s designers include five computer
 science degrred personnel. One of us an MIT graduate.  At the U.S. Army
 Corps of Engineers, New Orleans Disrict, we have introduced software that is
 open source and converts drainage studies from numbers in a listing to
 realistic 3D movies with voice-overs that are computer generated.

We have leveraged and extended this technology to producing animated shorts
 of school plays ...

Currently, we are assisting Jefferson Parish School District in Louisiana
 with technical and content assistance for a December Telethon.

WWOZ [http://www.wwoz.org], the local jazz station and a national favorite
 broadcast site on the internet, is using our broadcast technology to
 broadcast on the internet, with the objective of reducing broadcast cost and
 improving reach and quality via open source and "open hearts".

At the convention we will make free CDs of any materials at
 http://www.etc-edu.com [not subject to copyright complications], and, if a
 teacher brings a CD with original materials, we will process an audio book,
 copyright free, on the spot, and follow up on broadcast and distribution of
 audio, video and text products within the school year.

Find us at http://www.etc-edu.com,
we are an http://opensourceschools.org advocate, member and promoter.

VNECC Component: Yes
VNECC Description: As a matter of course, we provide educational broadcasts
 over the internet, cd-rom downloads of texts, and audio-visual materials. 
 If accepted to NECC, we will feature NECC materials on existing distribution
 channels, and endovour to create a network of broadcast repeaters

see http://www.etc-edu.com and http://www.promo.net/pg/
Additional Reviewer Questions, If applicable:

- - - - - - - - - - Session Equipment Info - - - - - - - - - -

Concurrent/Research Paper (Lecture):
Student Showcase Platform Preference:
Make & Take Platform Preference: 8 PCs (presenter station will also be PC or
 you may bring your own)

Make & Take Bringing Own: 900 Mhz Athalon running RedHat 7.3 with full suite
 of our tools. 8 PCs could "hook up" om lan to experience broadcast
Additional Equipment:

- - - - - - - -Workshop Equipment Info - - - - - - - - - -

Workshop Platform:
Equipment Platform:
Lab Requirements:
Additional  Hardware Requests:
Additional Software Requests:
Additional Equipment Provided by Presenter:

- - - -  Copresenters (if applicable) - - - - -

Copresenter 1  :

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