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Re: [school-discuss] Excel functions in Linux spreadsheets

On Monday 07 October 2002 10:03 pm, Gunnar Stefansson wrote:
>> On Friday 04 October 2002 11:00 pm, Gunnar Stefansson wrote:
>>> Now, solver in Excel does nonlinear minimisation (gnumeric's
>>> only does linear programming) and this is an essential for my
>>> course.

>> Well, Gnumeric _is_ OSS... (-:

> Ah, well, that alone doesn't really solve the issue of finding
> something which is Excel-compatible... :-(

It does open a way. Add the missing functions yourself.

You must surely know everything about how the functions work, and I can't 
imagine adding a new function to Gnumeric being anything other than 
streamlined by now. You'll even get your name in the credits.

Cheers; Leon