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Re: [school-discuss] Excel functions in Linux spreadsheets

Gunnar Stefansson <gunnar@hekla.rhi.hi.is> writes:
> Now, solver in Excel does nonlinear minimisation (gnumeric's only
> does linear programming) and this is an essential for my course.
> Similarly, I also use the table facility, which allows me to
> tabulate values of a function.

> We are also having trouble finding out how to do pivot-table in
> gnumeric...but this is not as crucial as solver.

I suggest you go to http://gnumeric.org/ of just contact their mailing
list at gnumeric-list@gnome.org with the questions.  Maybe support is
being developed or they are glad to put it in knowing it will be used.
  If you are willing to pay a programmer to add it there would be even
more possibilities, I guess we are many consultants here (even thoug I
guess the most fitted for this particular project are the ones at the
previous mentioned list).

Regards, EOF