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[school-discuss] A thought about seul/edu Linux in education reports


I see Linux in education reports (maintained by Doug Loss) as a very valuable 
resource for anyone who wants to be aware of the latest development on the 
field of open source in education.

So far as I know the reports are only available at 
http://seul.org/edu/reports.html and opensourceschools.org. 

I'm quite surprised that there is no mailing list available for the reports. I 
personally would like to receive the report as a e-mail newsletter immediatly 
after its release.

I believe the reports would be even more popular if there is a subscription 
service available for them.


Teemu Arina

Ionstream Ltd
Komeetankuja 4 A
02210 Espoo
Tel: +358-(0)50 - 555 7636