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[school-discuss] Another NECC proposal

Title of proposal:   Scratching an Itch--The Variety of Educational
Software for Linux

Category of  submission:   Web Poster

Description:   You have 22 words in your description

Linux has many more educational applications than many educators
realize. We'll show you some of them, and how to locate many others.

Keywords:   Linux, Open Source, alternative, free

Audience:  P12 Teachers Technology Coordinators Staff Developers
Library/Media Specialists Administrators

Theme:  Framework

Strands:  Technology Planning

                          Overview and Objectives--As a result of
attending this
                          session, participants will have an
overview of the
                          educational applications that are
available for the
                          Linux operating system and the knowledge
of how to
                          locate specific applications they are
interested in.
                          They will further recognize the
                          methodology common to most Linux
                          and how it's applicable to a P12

                          Outline--We will present a web tour of the
                          Educational Applications Index
                          [http://richtech.ca/seul/], showing its
                          and use. We will then focus on a few
                          applications that are pre-installed on the
                          used for the demo, showing their
operation. While
                          doing so we will explain the general
                          methodology common in the Linux community
                          how taking part in that methodology can
benefit the
                          P12 educational community.

                          NETS--This session addresses the ISTE NETS
                          mentioned earlier in that knowledge of the
range of
                          choices available to teachers and
administrators in
                          integrating technology into education can
help them
                          make the best decision on what and how to
                          various technical resources in their

                          Presenter Background--Four years ago I
started a
                          project (SEUL/edu) within the Linux
community to
                          develop educational applications (meaning
                          software and implementation procedures)
that took
                          advantage of Linux. The mailing list
associated with
                          that project rapidly grew to over 400
members from
                          around the world. It includes teachers,
                          administrators, and educational
technicians in
                          addition to general Linux fans with an
interest in
                          education. As the years passed, other
                          started with similar goals. For that
reason, we formed
                          the Schoolforge coalition last in January
2002. It
                          consists of roughly 100 member
organizations, from
                          many countries, that are dedicated to
fostering the
                          use of open resources in education.

                          Referenced Web Links--SEUL/edu
                          [http://www.seul.org/edu]; SEUL/edu
                          Applications Index
                          Schoolforge [http://schoolforge.net];
                          GNU/Linux CaseStudies


                          Format of
Presentation--lecture-interactive and

V  NECC Component:  Yes

                          The general discussion mailing list for
Schoolforge is
                          open to anyone. Just go to
and enter
                          your email address to subscribe. There's
also a
                          Schoolforge IRC channel. You just connect
                          irc.freenode.net, port 6667 and join
                          #schoolforge. SEUL/edu has a separate
mailing list
                          specifically for it's development
projects, as do many
                          of the other members of Schoolforge. It's
                          going to
                          and browsing through the members websites
to see
                          the breadth of discussions and work that
are going
                          on. Another Schoolforge member, Open
                          Schools [http://opensourceschools.org/],
has a
                          web-based news site that carries timely
                          (and to which readers can contribute their
own news).
                          Finally, SEUL/edu publishes bi-weekly
Linux in
                          education reports, available at

Primary URL:   http://richtech.ca/seul/

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